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4 – Integrity – The Tongue In Your Shoe

Integrity is number four on my list of eight key black belt virtues. All eight virtues are developed through the proper practice of martial arts (perhaps another topic of discussion in of itself) and add up to the development of good character and black belt excellence. Integrity, however, is...

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3 – Courtesy

Courtesy – can be described as the act of politeness. Synonyms in martial arts terms are etiquette and respect. The very first item on a WKSA grading form is a box with the words ‘YEA EUE’inside. This means martial arts etiquette, a code of conduct for the martial artist.It’s...

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2 – Modesty

Modesty – being humble, not being cocky or over confident. What’s the difference between confidence and cockiness? - It’s good to be confident because we have to believe we can be successful in whatever we do. - Being cocky or arrogant isn’t a belief you can succeed; it’s a...

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WKSA Super Seminar tour comes to Thetford

On Tuesday 20th November 2018 the WKSA Super Seminar Tour is coming to our school in Thetford. Kuk Sa Nim will be visiting with Masters from USA and the UK. Our students will learn new techniques, skills and training tips from the visiting Masters. This is a fantastic opportunity for our students...

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1 – Honesty and the Martial Artist

Honesty is the first quality of black belt excellence, but why is it so important to martial artists? Honesty is being truthful, always seeking to do and say what is right. Have you ever had someone lie to you? I bet you have. It made you feel bad, right? Maybe you had trusted that person,...

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The 8 Qualities of Black Belt Excellence

Honesty, modesty, courtesy, integrity, high moral code, courage, perseverance and indomitable spirit.   I will give talks on these from time to time in class; especially to the juniors. It is my personal opinion that these 8 qualities are an absolute must in any martial arts black belt....

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