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Martial Arts Classes for Adults & Children In Thetford

Welcome to Kuk Sool Won of Thetford. We offer Junior, Adult and Advanced martial arts classes for adults and children in and around the Thetford area.

Learn martial arts in a safe, fun and friendly environment where children can develop important life skills and adults can feel fitter and healthier. We are a family run martial arts academy where everyone is welcome - especially beginners.

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Changing Peoples Lives…

We are a family run martial arts school promoting family values and the qualities of martial arts excellence. We teach effective and varied self-defence skills and the values of respect, courtesy, and self-discipline.
We pride ourselves in providing high energy and enjoyable classes whilst teaching the amazing spectrum of the Korean martial arts.

Our Classes

Children Classes (Ages 4-12 years)

Our unique children’s programme is designed to teach students far more than how to kick and punch. We are very concerned with the well being, health and education of our children.

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Adult Classes (Ages 13 years & above)

From beginners with no previous experience to advanced level martial artists, our professionally qualified black belt instructors will help guide you every step of the way.

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Advanced Classes (Youths & Adults)

This class is for students who have been training for two to three years who are now setting their sights on achieving their black belts. Not only that, but reaching black belt is really only the start of the journey.

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 Fulmerston Hall
Thetford Grammar School

Bridge Street Thetford Norfolk IP24 3AF
Tel: 07984494146

What People Say

"Since my son started training with Kuk Sool Won™ of Thetford the benefits to him have been significant. In just over a year it is not just his physical health that has improved but also his self-confidence and self esteem. The greatest change however has been in his behaviour and his overall respect for others. This, prior to Kuk Sool, was a great concern for me so, you must appreciate, the benefits are not just for my son but also for me. He is now ambitious to do well, not just in Kuk Sool but also in other aspects of his life. I am proud of my son and grateful for the help and support Kuk Sool has given us."

Jack Eves - Parent

"Growing up I always struggled with physical activities and had issues with my legs and balance. This improved a little growing up but I was left with a lack of confidence in my physical ability. Since beginning my training I have noticed a huge improvement, particularly in my lower body strength. This has in turn improved my balance and confidence. My fitness level has also grown massively and I have lost nearly two stone in weight."

Chris Nicolaou - Parent & Student

"PKJN Kris and Jenny are awesome. Excellent with the younger members in the juniors class and equally good with seniors class for adults. Fully embraces all aspects of martial arts. The philosophy, the fitness, the style and the technique. Living it. Loving it. Kuk Sool!"

David Kinnen - Student

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