Kris French

6th Dahn Black Belt - Master.

Kris started Kuk Sool Won™ at the age of 9. After 25 years training he received his 5th dahn black belt in June 2013 from Grandmaster In Hyuk Suh. He spent 16 years working as a Child Safeguarding detective, defensive tactics instructor and firearms officer for Norfolk police, before pursuing his dream and putting his time and energy into making this martial arts school a success.

Kris spent his childhood trying to find his “thing,” a hobby that he really loved. He tried football and rugby, even BMX racing, but for some reason he could not get passionate about these activities. For a long time he begged his parents to let him try martial arts but they thought it would just be another “fad”. When they relented and took him to his free trial class at Kuk Sool Won™ in Lowestoft, Suffolk it was the puzzle piece that fitted into place instantly. From then on Kris poured his heart and soul into Kuk Sool and completely believes that every future success in his life is a direct result of the training he received from Master Martin Ducker and his wife Master Alison Ducker. Kris dedicates his own school, Kuk Sool Won™ of Thetford , to them and strives to have the same positive effect on all his students, as they have had on him.