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2 – Modesty


Modesty – being humble, not being cocky or over confident.

What’s the difference between confidence and cockiness?
– It’s good to be confident because we have to believe we can be successful in whatever we do.
– Being cocky or arrogant isn’t a belief you can succeed; it’s a belief that you are better than everybody else.
– Have you ever known someone like that? Those people can be really hard to be around.

Why is modesty or humility a virtue?
– It means we treat others as equals, no matter where they are from, how much money they have or what kind of clothes they wear.
– It isn’t about being weak.
– It’s about your belief in your ability to succeed, while being smart enough to know that you don’t know everything.
– And that you need the help of others to achieve success in life.

Modesty in martial arts
– There is always someone tougher than you are.
– Isn’t that true of everything?
– But that is good because there is always someone you can learn from.
– Remember every Kuk Sool instructor had an instructor.
– It’s only by being humble that we can be good students.
– Good students become good teachers.

The same applies to all areas of your life
– Your teachers at school studied a long time so they could teach you. You should respect them.
– Remember to have a special kind of respect for your elders, parents and teachers.
– But being humble and treating people as equals shows you have a strong character;
– Our Grandmaster,Kuk Sa Nim, calls this “bowing to the cat.”

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Credit to Mike Massie and his book ‘Martial Arts Character Education Lesson Plans for Children.’ Click here for a copy of his book.

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