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6 – Courage – Face The Tiger

The Kuk Sool Won™ of Thetford school motto is “Face The Tiger.”  This comes from an allegorical story told by World Kuk Sool Association Grandmaster In Hyuk Suh to my instructor, who then told it to me.  It has stuck with me ever since. The short story describes two boys walking along a forest path.  […]

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Knife Attack Self Defence

In light of the recent sad events in Thetford and Brandon it’s worth considering what you might do if you were attacked.  We cover a lot of ground in our regular classes and self-defence courses, but being reminded of the basics never hurts. If someone threatens you, SHOUT!  LOUD, REPETITIVE and SIMPLE commands.  “GET BACK!”  “GO AWAY!”  “I DON’T WANT […]

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3 – Courtesy

Courtesy – can be described as the act of politeness. Synonyms in martial arts terms are etiquette and respect. The very first item on a WKSA grading form is a box with the words ‘YEA EUE’inside. This means martial arts etiquette, a code of conduct for the martial artist.It’s placement there on the form is […]

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2 – Modesty


Modesty – being humble, not being cocky or over confident. What’s the difference between confidence and cockiness? – It’s good to be confident because we have to believe we can be successful in whatever we do. – Being cocky or arrogant isn’t a belief you can succeed; it’s a belief that you are better than […]

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